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(In a light proper BBC or PBS documentary British accent)
Amanda finds herself in the grocery store. She is looking for something scrumptious to eat. As she peruses down the aisles of the frozen food section, a small bag of peas catches her eye. She picks up the peas, places them into her cart and heads toward register. As she is standing in the queue when she realizes that she does not in fact desire peas, but instead longs for a sweet spherical food. Peas being the first rounded option in her journey, she naturally picked them up. “Rather,” she thought to herself. “I would like something sweet.” So Amanda places the peas down on the belt among the other items of the gentleman in front of her so that she may not be bothered in returning the peas to their place, and heads over to fresh fruit section.

As she strolls the area she finds a display of grapes. Drawing her fingers over the plentiful produce she has a decision to make, would she like green grapes or purple grapes. She stands at the stand and contemplates for a moment on what color grapes would be most delicious to eat. After a moment she resolves to choose the purple ones. However she also needs to decide whether to select the seedless ones or ones without seeds. Amanda quickly makes up her mind to commit to the seedless ones as they would allow her the easiest satisfaction and quickest consumption. Yet, just as soon as picked them up, a container blueberries strikes her peripheral vision. She stops. Amanda now has to face yet another conundrum. While both comestibles are purple and spherical, they each have their own distinctive tastes.
“Hmmm.” Amanda thought.
While blueberries are undeniably delicious Amanda reflects that despite their superior taste they more easily could leave a stain on her new white blouse. Opting to do her best at preserving her newest garments, she then decides to continue with the purple, seedless, non-staining, grapes.

Amanda once again approaches the queue for the register. As she waits, she gazes upon the various weekly rags of questionable ethics. She reads the headlines of Sun and World Weekly News and has herself a giggle. (he he he)

Unfortunately, Amanda fails to realized the grapes are currently out of season and thus they ring up at 6 quid.

Not willing to pay that much for her spherical delicacy, Amanda smiles and heades back, once again, to the fruit area of the grocery market. As she strolls the aisles a perfectly round melon catches her eye. Not a honeydew, but a cantaloupe. Amanda grasps the circular fruit to test for its ripeness. Squeezing gently, she finds it to be not too firm and not to soft. As a final test, she takes the melon to her ear and shakes it ever so. Listening intently within for the delicious sweet juices to swish around, telling her that the fruit is definitely ripe and has not just been mishandled.
As she hears the faint “swish swash” from the melon’s innards she beams and squeals to herself, “perfect!”

Delighted, Amanda proceeds to the queue for what she hopes is the final time.

As the cashier rings her through, she is satisfied with the 4 that appears on the display. Handing the girl her money, she takes her food and carefully places it at the bottom of her bag. Concerned about the environment Amanda always uses her canvas bag to shop with.

Happily exiting the store, she stops short at the curb in the parking lot.

Amanda cannot remember where she’s parked.

Scanning the tops of the autos, she carefully looks for her new red Mercedes.

However, just then, Amanda realized that she did not drive to the market. In fact, she did not even own a car. Instead she had walked to the grocery from her flat down the way. “Silly me,” Amanda mused.

Amanda then began to walk back to her apartment. However, on making her way through the car park she ran into a gentleman friend of hers whose name she could not recall.
“Good day Amanda,” the gentleman greeted her.
“Oh, hello there,” she replied. “How are you?” She continued.
“Fine, just looking for a snack and some cupcakes for my grandmother, she certainly is a fine woman.” Said he.
“Well then, do be sure to avoid the grapes, they’ve gone out of season and will cost you a pretty penny.”
“Oh really, well thank you kindly for the advice. Cheerio.”
“Cheers.” Amanda speaks quickly as she walks away in order to avoid having to remember his name.

Amanda continues down the street and realizes that her step feels a bit uneven. She pauses mid sashay to inspect the under side of her shoe. She then realizes that bit of chewing gum has stuck to her sole. She stamps down her foot in wobbler of frustration, only to then lodge a coin in the gum under her shoe.

With a great sigh, she gets herself sorted and then continues down the pavement in a set of uneven, clicky steps to her flat where she will enjoy her perfectly ripe, very round, succulent, melon treat.

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