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Vampire WeekendAlright, so at this point, they’re nothing “new”. They’re on this months cover of SPIN. Their CD came out almost a month ago (Jan 29th, 08) and they’ve had a single (demo) out for almost a year. People are starting to catch on. That’s not the point though. They’re music rocks. I’m a bit obsessed. I first got to hear them when I played them on my radioshow in early Jan when we got an early release of their CD. If you haven’t done so, listen to them. As my girlfriends says- it’s perfect spring music. In my mind, you just can’t not be happy when you listen to it. It’s so damn unique, catchy and upbeat.

Afro-beat indie fusion amazing-ness.

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  • itendswithafall

    6:50 pm - Thu, Feb, 2008 - Reply

    It is! And I love it!

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