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1) Love and Hope always overcome Fear and Hate


2) Life is Greater than Death


3) Our Fears often make it hard to Enjoy Life


4) Gender Studies 101: Part I


5) Gender Studies 101: Part II


6) We are Less Happy than we ever have been and More Busy. In fact, we are #SoBusy*

PS. Stop telling me (and Meredith) you are so busy.

7) Existentialism is Winning


8) No One Cares about “The Bubble”


*Sources [1], [2], [3], [4]

Reading Trails LogoI found a new book recommendation site, Reading Trails, via Mashable based on… Social Web concepts (obviously, it was on Mashable).

I don’t think that my WordPress hosted blog is going to let me paste my widget code, so here’s the link to my first trail.

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