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Co-founder of Omni, over $40MM in funding. Founder of ProCo Design Lab at Summit Series as well as Summit Series’ Executive Producer and Creative Director 2011-2014. Founder, Hammer and Brush. Founder, Available Space Gallery, a location agnostic gallery and platform for emerging artists. Now I continue my practice as a fulltime business mentor and personal coach. Taking my 12+ years of multidisciplinary start-up founder, producer, and operator experience, research, and first-hand experimentation I have created a unique framework for providing guidance, support, and catalyst for growth in areas of fundraising, entrepreneurial confidence, creativity, career development, relationships, and personal wellbeing. I love working with founders/entrepreneurs, executives, artists, creatives, and high-level operators.

I also (still) love producing events, consulting on design-build and hospitality experience projects, as well as taking concepts and ideas from zero to one. I have selective availability for special projects I think are exceptionally awesome. If you think you have a particularly rad opportunity, hit me up!

What are you waiting for? Let's do something awesome.

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