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Making Light Bending Forces With a 19th Century Photo Technique
Simply Amazing!

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The Little Prince, in three frames, updated.

The Little Prince, in three frames, updated.

This may have made even Arnold blush… I’m not sure I mind that much, but it very well could be too far?

Yes, you can clearly see a penis.

Yes, you can clearly see a penis.

From this article:

Privacy advocates plan to call on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to suspend use of “whole-body imaging,” the airport security technology that critics say performs “a virtual strip search” and produces “naked” pictures of passengers, CNN has learned.

What Would Arnold Do?

What Would Arnold Do?

The fantasy.

The fantasy.

As television users embrace the adfree environment with TiVo, more premium content, while broadcasters scramble to figure out how to add more ads that are un-”zappable” etc- Music listeners will begin to embrace the ad filled environment in exchange for free content. While labels and big-wigs scramble to figure out the best way to implement. But commercials during streaming? That’s hardly original… isn’t that just what (terrestrial) radio does?

I guess tried and true is what they’re aiming for.

What about required ad viewing during downloads- that will only last as long as people have speeds <T1, or maybe have mandatory “holding” periods like MegaUpload and other sites do, you can pay for VIP access to skip… but what stops people from reposting on their own server?

You could also reward people for looking at ads with bonus content… but that only goes so far too.

What is the world to do?

Who want’s to buy me these? Size 13 in case you were wondering…

I think I like white the best, what about you?

In White...

In White...

In Orange....

In Orange....

In MOONBOOT... i mean, silver

In MOONBOOT... i mean, silver

The Conversation Prism by Brian Solis and Jesse Thomas

via JawkDNA‘s Twitter

A foreign, coming of age, gang violence, photojournalism, justice, good cinematographic film, with 90% of the actors coming right off the streets of Brazil.

It's long and since your sick you probably aren't going anywhere. it's a great movie, but not the best date movie and not one to watch with your antsy friend because it will be distracting and this movie requires your full attention. The story telling is great and overall its pretty epic. It's also got great sound design and since your ears might be stuffy, you'll probably have to turn it up a bit too, which is fine, because it sounds good that way.

Founder of, hustling in the 80s during law school with airline consolidation. He has a few tips to give.

1) Be Careful
2) Be Frugal
3) Be Quick – being an entrepreneur today puts you in a better position than any fortune 500 company- you don’t have the red tape, or boards or meetings, you can act and you can do it with expedience.

But apparently iLike doesn’t or at least it has absolutely NO idea who or what DANGER is… Observe: ilikedanger Danger is not, classic rock, hair band, anti-folk alternative or rap/hip-hop, but pairing it with Van Halen, that’s just funny- maybe trying to do a more abstract reference like 80s glam rock with electronica featuring 80s style synths?
Now for those of you who don’t know, DANGER is the French producer, graphic designer and electronic musician/remix artist Franck Rivoire. His style is unique and consistent through his tracks and remixes utilizing lots of breaks and stutters in his beats, stereo flange/phase and house synths. I digg his tracks and his remixes are even better, my favorite probably being the We Are Scientists—Chick Lit (Danger TV Remix Edit). Other electronic artists such as Justice (also French) also rock my socks especially with DVNO, Waters of Nazareth and their Death From Above 1979—Blood On Our Hands Remix. Also, on the topic of foreign electronica, Yelle is pretty good (and you gotta check the Ce Jeu remix by THE VIDEOBAND) but I gotta give it up to The Touch, especially for this vid (effects by Richard Wikström who basically painted it frame by frame, (I asked him)- his real life like rendition of Krang has to be one of my favorite Cartoon-to-Life illustrations I’ve seen.

Like over 1 million other people, I was at the National Mall yesterday watching Obama get Inaugurated.


















Also Sia’s music vid:

So you may or may not have read my previous entry about my long and ongoing issue with Flickr, Yahoo! and both of their Customer Service/Abuse departments. The short of it: My Y! ID/Flickr account was deleted over a month ago, I tried to find out why I was booted and what I could do about it and basically have been getting the cold shoulder from both Yahoo! and Flickr for weeks. So I stumbled on Heather Champ, the Flickr Community Manager’s personal email on her website. I emailed her and finally found out that my account was deleted for something else- she replied via the Flickr case number I referenced in the original message:


Your Y! ID was deactivated elsewhere on the Yahoo! network
for abuse. When this happens, it results in the termination
of all of all your activity across the Yahoo! network.

We’re not privy to the reasons for the original Y! ID
deactivation. You’ll need to contact Yahoo! directly.


I find this kind of odd, because I only used my Y! ID for Flickr- so either, this isn’t true, or someone hacked my account. Either way, it’s an actual answer, so I can move on.

Taking back your Ex

But now, I can start to understand drug addicts, abusive relationships and terrible marriages. Even after weeks of running me in circles, outright ignoring me, and the fact that I didn’t get a response until I directly contacted a staff member. (I also have still not heard from regular Yahoo! support.) I want to go back. I mean, I’ll cut Flickr some slack, I did get an answer. Even if the answer opens up even more questions, it’s an answer. Yet, I feel like such a sellout. But still, I really like Flickr. I like the concept and it’s snazzy interface, API, web 2.0ness and community features. In fact, I’m reregistering and opening up a new Flickr account in another tab while I am writing this. But I’m not doing it without internal conflict.
Now, I’m not going straight back to a Pro account, but it’s only a matter of time. I’ll ease back into it, become comfortable again. My hurt and hesitations will fade away. But part of me feels like this is comparable to taking back an ex who cheated on me, which I’ve never done. It feels cheap and wrong. They violated my trust and showed me their true colors- but I still need them. I really do love Flickr. However, how many times can I waste my money and time. What if this happens again?
But I also believe in forgiveness. So consider this it. Only time will tell if this turns out to be more like a rocking spot in an otherwise good relationship or the tell tale signs of more to come. Right now it just feels like a drug addiction, but we’ll see. I just hope things go better this time around.

Came across this doing some “research” for my halloween costume- it gave me a good laugh:

The outtakes are decent too. I love Joker impersonating Batman.

52 packs, sealed tight in a cardboard treasure chest.

I just had to share my total and utter excitement- read the full post on my photoblog- Adam Dexter Photography Blog

I’m learning piano, and I really want even half the independence this guy has.

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