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Making Light Bending Forces With a 19th Century Photo Technique
Simply Amazing!

via PSFK

1) Love and Hope always overcome Fear and Hate


2) Life is Greater than Death


3) Our Fears often make it hard to Enjoy Life


4) Gender Studies 101: Part I


5) Gender Studies 101: Part II


6) We are Less Happy than we ever have been and More Busy. In fact, we are #SoBusy*

PS. Stop telling me (and Meredith) you are so busy.

7) Existentialism is Winning


8) No One Cares about “The Bubble”


*Sources [1], [2], [3], [4]

It’s a mind-body cycle. Here’s an amazing story and a quick hack to make you a better, smarter and more confident person, seriously.

A mix tape is the original “social media.” The true nature of a mix, is not unlike that of a composed album. It’s goal is to build a connection between mixer and mixee. Whether it’s a random jumbling of favorite tracks, a themed snapshot or a beautifully orchestrated arrangement of tracks with complementary, distinct flow and style, the mix serves as a vessel for the mixer to express themselves.


Alright, so today has been a good day (and I didn’t even seen 3 red cars in a row).

It’s a gorgeous day weatherwise, I busted out some sweet designs, made a pretty decent lunch. The place I work is going to pick up some really sick clients, so that means I’ll be working on some really awesome projects AND I just found out two of my images were chosen to show in Pingyao, China for the 2009 International Photography Festival. Which is apparently the “oldest and largest photography exhibition in China,” according to this tourism site. (Here are some cool pictures from last years show on a blog I found via google.)

So, if you happen to be around Pingyao between September 19th—26th, take some pictures for me, I’d love to see the show and my work there!

Oh, and here are the two images that were chosen (out of 450, of 100 others):


Hidden Galaxies 5/5

So I was doing some research for a project I’m working on and I was looking through the Google Results for “Social Games” when I got to a very peculiar meta description. Look carefully below, do you see it?

Can you spot the egregious META fail?

Can you spot the egregious META fail?

Look a little closer. Yea, that’s right. Apparently, some troll tweet was the top of the Twitter feed on the homepage at the time the spiders hit the site, thus the GoogleBot made it into the Meta description for PlayFish.

That's what you get for not having a meta description tag.

That's what you get for not having a meta description tag.

Way to go Playfish, try some meta tags next time.
Update: A quick query on reveals the lucky winner of the “override my meta description” contest:

Congrats DeAxl (Oliver Lopez)

You have successfully smote playfish’s SEO.

The Lucky Tweet!

The Lucky Tweet!

The Little Prince, in three frames, updated.

The Little Prince, in three frames, updated.

This may have made even Arnold blush… I’m not sure I mind that much, but it very well could be too far?

Yes, you can clearly see a penis.

Yes, you can clearly see a penis.

From this article:

Privacy advocates plan to call on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to suspend use of “whole-body imaging,” the airport security technology that critics say performs “a virtual strip search” and produces “naked” pictures of passengers, CNN has learned.

What Would Arnold Do?

What Would Arnold Do?

The fantasy.

The fantasy.

Re: Kanye Twitter Freakout


Dig For Fire (Short Version) from Habib Awan on Vimeo.

My buddy Beebs is making a documentary about vinyl, check that shit.

Here it is, the shortened version of my upcoming full-length documentary on vinyl record culture.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.

SUMMARY: Why is it that in this new digital age, where hours, days, even months worth of music can be transported in a hardrive the size of a cellphone , that sales of something as analog as vinyl records are increasing?

Why are people buyig vinyl records again? What is their allure? Why do people still buy them? I set out to interview a wide range of people in both the DC area and my hometown of Johnstown PA to find the answer. From Record Store Owners, DJs, and Bands to Record Labels, Audio Technicians, Vinyl Enthusiasts, Collectors, and especially new vinyl buyers, I interviewed them to get their opinion on the subject.
- Habib Awan

If you think Verizon is rebranding, you got your head in the clouds

verizon_logo change

Ok- so my friend Joe tweeted (about 20 minutes ago actually) about an alleged new branding campaign for Verizon Wireless. I looked at it and though, oh, this is… interesting… Even the Brand blog site Under Consideration picked it up.

Now, maybe I’m the sucker and Joe, UC and the rest of them are in on it- but some quick research shows this is totally bogus.

[UPDATE: I’m not a big reader of Under Consideration and apparently they pulled this with Ford last year, also upon closer look at the comments and the whole thing, this was pretty obvious… but my post here remains!]

Aside from being more of a stark out of character change than the Tropicana switch. The “announcement” website it particularly bare with no official link back to verizon, only “For more information, visit”

Another thing that’s an immediate redflag- The Who Is listing.

Nuncio Nunez
5618 Shoalwood Ave
Austin, Texas 78775
United States
Created on: 30-Mar-09
Expires on: 30-Mar-10
Last Updated on: 30-Mar-09
Administrative Contact:
Nunez, Nuncio
5618 Shoalwood Ave
Austin, Texas 78775
United States
(917) 755-0750   Fax --
Technical Contact:
Nunez, Nuncio
5618 Shoalwood Ave
Austin, Texas 78775
United States
(917) 755-0750   Fax --
Domain servers in listed order:

Who is Nuncio Nunez? Not someone at Verizon, that’s for sure… and, also definitely not something Verizion would allow itself to be tracked to. The domain was also registered two days ago, the first thing you would do is secure the URL, how could you plan the marketing materials otherwise?

Upon further inspection, I’m pretty sure Under Consideration is in on it. The website does not have ANY of the material they display except for the cloud logo and it isn’t anywhere on the Verizon site. The only other possibility is that Under Consideration doesn’t check their facts and received a mysterious email with all the promotional material attached which they blindly posted about.

Also, did anyone else notice that the guy in the top right of their “promotional material” doesn’t appear to be wearing pants or underwear for that matter…is it just me? And when were Crocks back in style?


Not to mention the phones they mocked the logo up on are ancient.


As television users embrace the adfree environment with TiVo, more premium content, while broadcasters scramble to figure out how to add more ads that are un-”zappable” etc- Music listeners will begin to embrace the ad filled environment in exchange for free content. While labels and big-wigs scramble to figure out the best way to implement. But commercials during streaming? That’s hardly original… isn’t that just what (terrestrial) radio does?

I guess tried and true is what they’re aiming for.

What about required ad viewing during downloads- that will only last as long as people have speeds <T1, or maybe have mandatory “holding” periods like MegaUpload and other sites do, you can pay for VIP access to skip… but what stops people from reposting on their own server?

You could also reward people for looking at ads with bonus content… but that only goes so far too.

What is the world to do?

Also, Santelli apparently has no idea how a representative democracy works: you cant have an election on the internet for something that’s how people like Stephen Colbert get their name’s on space ships.


“Have the camera pull way out…” Yea show em all the busy looking people!

And this is why I don’t watch television…

Who want’s to buy me these? Size 13 in case you were wondering…

I think I like white the best, what about you?

In White...

In White...

In Orange....

In Orange....

In MOONBOOT... i mean, silver

In MOONBOOT... i mean, silver

The Conversation Prism by Brian Solis and Jesse Thomas

Reading all the other blogs and tweets about people meeting Gary V only made my anticipation that much more. It was one of my SXSW goals- I only started following/watching him mid/late last year but I totally vibe with his style and message.

So, I was waiting for the elevator at the Hilton Austin to get to the 4th floor to go to a panel and all the sudden I saw a very familiar figure with green beanie strutting into my view. As I stared for a brief second the persons smile grew bigger and then I realized “holy shit, it’s Gary V.” Immediately he came up to me and we greeted each other. The aura of openness and friendliness was awesome, like an old friend. We spoke briefly in the elevator. I asked him to sign my Gary Vaynerchuk “Internet All Stars” Card (which I’ve carrying around with a Sharpie since yesterday for just such a “run in” occasion). I gave him a JESS3 poster and then he was off. I don’t know, it was probably the best “meeting a mentor” experience I’ve had, probably, the best first impression of meeting anyone, ever- no joke.

Then, minutes later, I got a DM on twitter from Gary following up and telling me he thought the poster was “BOMB.”


I sort of feel like a giggly little girl in the 90s meeting N*SYNC or the Backstreet Boys writing about this- but seriously, it was epically legit.

BTW, here’s the poster.


via JawkDNA‘s Twitter

Ok- so I apologize for the absence of pictures right now- I thought I would be cool and save space in my bag, and thinking “oh look, my camera and USB harddrive both use USB, I’ll just bring one cable! Brilliant!” Except that my iPhoto library is on said drive and I need both of said devices to be plugged in to transfer the glorious SXSW pix to said iPhoto library… get what I said? Basically I FAIL. So I should be getting another cable from someone soon. Until then, enjoy tweets and twitpics @adamdexter

Also Z-Tejas is legit, the food and service are great and they “Get It” with social media PR, madd props!

Check these out and feel free to add some more in the comments if you know em!

seagateMmmmmm, new hardware… Alright so I just got a brand new Seagate FreeAgent Go from on sale for 105.99 with free shipping! (Thanks Brock for helping fix the credit card issues, and getting it to me overnight!) I gotta say, off the bat, it’s pretty slick. First of all, (the top at least) its made of metal, unlike the Western Digital Passports which are all plastic and bend in when touched. The activity/on lighting in the back of the drive is a nice touch (all those dots on the bottom of the drive glow and “breath” (like a sleeping macbook), not overwhelmingly bright, with white LED). It’s SILENT, SMALL, very thin and stylish looking. Let’s see how it performs, I just formatted the 500GB to 25GB of FAT32 for transporting files from a PC and 475GB for my Aperture (110GB) and iTunes Library (119GB), along with some other stuff.

A foreign, coming of age, gang violence, photojournalism, justice, good cinematographic film, with 90% of the actors coming right off the streets of Brazil.

It's long and since your sick you probably aren't going anywhere. it's a great movie, but not the best date movie and not one to watch with your antsy friend because it will be distracting and this movie requires your full attention. The story telling is great and overall its pretty epic. It's also got great sound design and since your ears might be stuffy, you'll probably have to turn it up a bit too, which is fine, because it sounds good that way.

Founder of, hustling in the 80s during law school with airline consolidation. He has a few tips to give.

1) Be Careful
2) Be Frugal
3) Be Quick – being an entrepreneur today puts you in a better position than any fortune 500 company- you don’t have the red tape, or boards or meetings, you can act and you can do it with expedience.

But apparently iLike doesn’t or at least it has absolutely NO idea who or what DANGER is… Observe: ilikedanger Danger is not, classic rock, hair band, anti-folk alternative or rap/hip-hop, but pairing it with Van Halen, that’s just funny- maybe trying to do a more abstract reference like 80s glam rock with electronica featuring 80s style synths?
Now for those of you who don’t know, DANGER is the French producer, graphic designer and electronic musician/remix artist Franck Rivoire. His style is unique and consistent through his tracks and remixes utilizing lots of breaks and stutters in his beats, stereo flange/phase and house synths. I digg his tracks and his remixes are even better, my favorite probably being the We Are Scientists—Chick Lit (Danger TV Remix Edit). Other electronic artists such as Justice (also French) also rock my socks especially with DVNO, Waters of Nazareth and their Death From Above 1979—Blood On Our Hands Remix. Also, on the topic of foreign electronica, Yelle is pretty good (and you gotta check the Ce Jeu remix by THE VIDEOBAND) but I gotta give it up to The Touch, especially for this vid (effects by Richard Wikström who basically painted it frame by frame, (I asked him)- his real life like rendition of Krang has to be one of my favorite Cartoon-to-Life illustrations I’ve seen.

Like over 1 million other people, I was at the National Mall yesterday watching Obama get Inaugurated.


















So I guess one of my photos was chosen for DCist Exposed 2009 Show at Flashpoint. Cool. Join me February 20th to March 7th- the other winners look great too. I’m honored.

Here’s my winning shot.

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