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seagateMmmmmm, new hardware… Alright so I just got a brand new Seagate FreeAgent Go from on sale for 105.99 with free shipping! (Thanks Brock for helping fix the credit card issues, and getting it to me overnight!) I gotta say, off the bat, it’s pretty slick. First of all, (the top at least) its made of metal, unlike the Western Digital Passports which are all plastic and bend in when touched. The activity/on lighting in the back of the drive is a nice touch (all those dots on the bottom of the drive glow and “breath” (like a sleeping macbook), not overwhelmingly bright, with white LED). It’s SILENT, SMALL, very thin and stylish looking. Let’s see how it performs, I just formatted the 500GB to 25GB of FAT32 for transporting files from a PC and 475GB for my Aperture (110GB) and iTunes Library (119GB), along with some other stuff.

A foreign, coming of age, gang violence, photojournalism, justice, good cinematographic film, with 90% of the actors coming right off the streets of Brazil.

It's long and since your sick you probably aren't going anywhere. it's a great movie, but not the best date movie and not one to watch with your antsy friend because it will be distracting and this movie requires your full attention. The story telling is great and overall its pretty epic. It's also got great sound design and since your ears might be stuffy, you'll probably have to turn it up a bit too, which is fine, because it sounds good that way.

Founder of, hustling in the 80s during law school with airline consolidation. He has a few tips to give.

1) Be Careful
2) Be Frugal
3) Be Quick – being an entrepreneur today puts you in a better position than any fortune 500 company- you don’t have the red tape, or boards or meetings, you can act and you can do it with expedience.

But apparently iLike doesn’t or at least it has absolutely NO idea who or what DANGER is… Observe: ilikedanger Danger is not, classic rock, hair band, anti-folk alternative or rap/hip-hop, but pairing it with Van Halen, that’s just funny- maybe trying to do a more abstract reference like 80s glam rock with electronica featuring 80s style synths?
Now for those of you who don’t know, DANGER is the French producer, graphic designer and electronic musician/remix artist Franck Rivoire. His style is unique and consistent through his tracks and remixes utilizing lots of breaks and stutters in his beats, stereo flange/phase and house synths. I digg his tracks and his remixes are even better, my favorite probably being the We Are Scientists—Chick Lit (Danger TV Remix Edit). Other electronic artists such as Justice (also French) also rock my socks especially with DVNO, Waters of Nazareth and their Death From Above 1979—Blood On Our Hands Remix. Also, on the topic of foreign electronica, Yelle is pretty good (and you gotta check the Ce Jeu remix by THE VIDEOBAND) but I gotta give it up to The Touch, especially for this vid (effects by Richard Wikström who basically painted it frame by frame, (I asked him)- his real life like rendition of Krang has to be one of my favorite Cartoon-to-Life illustrations I’ve seen.

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